Solar Power
 - Brand Identity Development

Serving a wide range of clientele and providing different kinds of services, Solar power technology (SPT) needed a new, modern and approachable face to compete in the solar power market.

The warmth of the sun, the energy, and the power that drives us every day, combined with technology to create a harmonious new way to save the planet, money, and grant an endless power source.

The value, mindset, innovation, and quality of the product is what inspires the brand.​​​​​​​

My first and most important step in my process is to lay down a solid art direction in the form of a stylescape that works well with the company's vision and brand attributes (Modern - Innovative - Energetic - Clean).

The concept is derived from the sun and the idea of infinite, clean energy source, And that everyday, The brand is helping someone to change his perspective about solar energy.

The logo concept came from the word Solar as it′s the first word of the brand name, The letter S in particular.

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