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About the Project

Welcome to "Palette" - where the artistry of coffee meets the creativity of the canvas. In this case study, we dive into the journey of crafting a visual identity that captures the essence of this unique artisan coffee shop.

"Palette" isn't just a café; it's an immersive experience that invites patrons to savor exceptional coffee blends while being enveloped in an atmosphere of art and inspiration. Join us as we unveil the colors, textures, and stories that shape the heart and soul of "Palette."

As you journey through this presentation, envision yourself stepping into "Palette." Feel the warmth of a freshly brewed cup and the inspiration of surrounding art. Join us in celebrating the marriage of coffee and creativity that defines "Palette," a haven where every cup is a masterpiece and every visit an invitation to indulge in the artistry of life.

At the core of "Palette" lies the fusion of two distinct worlds - the world of coffee and the world of art. Our journey began by defining the brand's DNA: harmonious, inspiring, and elevating. With these guiding principles, we embarked on a creative exploration, seeking to capture the intersection of creativity and craftsmanship.

The color palette was carefully curated to reflect warmth and vibrancy. Earthy tones like Coffee Brown and Clay Red establish a cozy ambiance reminiscent of a gallery, while Golden Amber infuse an element of luxury. These colors set the stage for the café's interior design, where wooden furnishings and brushed metal accents create a balance between rustic and modern aesthetics.

Typography played a pivotal role in communicating "Palette's" identity. Proxima Nova was chosen as the primary font for its sleek and modern appeal, while the serif font, URW Bodoni, added a touch of sophistication in secondary applications. This fusion of sans-serif and serif fonts mirrors the café's dual personality - a place where creativity meets refinement.

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